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Euro Cargo Rail's 6 core values

Since its creation, Euro Cargo Rail has built itself upon values deeply ingrained in its corporate culture that make it what it is today.

Customer service – committed to satisfaction

Customer service has always been a prime concern for Euro Cargo Rail. We listen to our customers and propose that they enter into partnerships in order to develop traffic management plans adapted to their needs. Innovation, reliability and adaptability are imperatives for ECR's customers.

Safety first. At all times.

Euro Cargo Rail places particular emphasis on safety. Likewise, all the teams at Euro Cargo Rail are trained in strict compliance with safety standards and their appropriate application for the protection of train users and our customers.

Staff commitment is crucial to the company's success

The personnel at Euro Cargo Rail are the very foundation of the organisation. The commitment of everyone, at all levels, allows us to contribute a little bit more each day to the corporate, economic and commercial success of the company.

Controlling costs – a Titan's task

Cost control is a key component for Euro Cargo Rail. ECR is a young rail operator and we strive to improve our competitive edge for our customers on a daily basis.

Equipment optimisation – a daily challenge

Managing and protecting economic assets in view of maximising the efficient use of means employed by the company is a daily concern for all Euro Cargo Rail employees. Thus, day in, day out, the company optimises its efficiency.

Environment and sustainable development

Electricity saving measures, sorting waste, green travel... Respect for the environment and sustainable development are two major challenges that ECR, with the help of its employees, strives to meet day in, day out.

Last modified: 20.07.2015

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