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Steel industry

An expert in rail freight for the steel industry

At Euro Cargo Rail, we have the resources and the expertise necessary to supply flexible, efficient, and reliable rail freight services for companies in the steel sector.

Our solutions

Euro Cargo Rail offers solutions to the customers in the steel sector :

  • rail traction for the delivery of their goods (coils, rails, tubes, ingots, waste, etc.)
  • organization and optimization of inter-plant flows through the establishment of dedicated trains or management hubs.
  • making available a fleet of specific cars to complement the railway traction supply.

Enlarge imageECR-Train sidérurgie, ECR

Why choose Euro Cargo Rail / DB Schenker Rail ?

  • Thanks to our fleet of reliable trains and our human and technical resources throughout Eastern North artery (from Dunkerke to Lorraine and at the French and Spanish border), we guarantee a secure service.
  • Our industrial expertise in the steel sector is recognised throughout France. Euro Cargo Rail, it’s more than 80 trains per week.
  • Throughout the supply chain, our solutions are tailored to your needs and constraints.
  • Our solutions are sustainable logistics services, which protect the environment and meet CO2 reduction targets.
  • We can adapt to fluctuations in demand and urgent requirements.
  • We adapt to fluctuations in demand and emergency situations.

We rose to the challenge

Euro Cargo Rail was able to respond to the complex and demanding requirements of a world famous steel. ECR handles for that client inter-plant flows and export flows from the port of Anvers.

From one day to the next, we were able supply our customer with a complete solution, including traction services, wagon hire, and wagon marshalling with the creation of a railway hub in the north of France.

Last modified: 22.07.2015

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