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Materials and aggregates

Optimising our customers’ logistics projects

From the outset, at Euro Cargo Rail, we have used our expertise in rail freight to provide services for companies in the materials and aggregates industry, a sector which represents 12% of our turnover.

Our solutions

For the materials and aggregates sector, Euro Cargo Rail provides customers with block trains, with integrated traction and maintenance services. 

Enlarge imageECR-Train matériaux, ECR

Why choose Euro Cargo Rail / DB Schenker Rail ?

  • Our national network means that we are close to our customers.
  • This proximity enables us to provide better operations management.
  • ECR is experienced in material and aggregate haulage. In 2005, the very first Euro Cargo Rail train carried goods for a company in this sector in the north of France.

We rose to the challenge

Euro Cargo Rail has enabled some of its customers to optimise their logistics plan, by offering 24-hour turnaround times including: loading at point of origin, unloading at point of destination, and return to departure point.

To meet this challenge, we were able to take our customers’ constraints into account, both in terms of loading and unloading times and equipment requirements.

This successful project, emblematic for ECR, resulted in considerable savings for both parties.

Last modified: 22.07.2015

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