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Combined, intermodal transport

Closer to the needs of our customers

Euro Cargo Rail operates 70 intermodal trains each week. In doing so, we provide a service tailored to companies' needs and one that meets their logistics challenges.

Our solutions

Euro Cargo Rail provides traction services for full train loads throughout France and internationally (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland) especially in partnership with the group DB Schenker.

We take care of train manoeuvres and shunting at the terminals.

We offer transport of containers and swap bodies in C45 template with the possibility of loading up to 28 T per UTI .

We provide transport for hazardous goods (excluding class 7).

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Why choose Euro Cargo Rail / DB Schenker Rail ?

  • With commercial trains able to travel at speeds of up to 120 km/h and with a duty ratio greater than 95%, we provide a high quality service and are able to adapt to your requirements.
  • Our rail freight logistics solutions are sustainable solutions which contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint.

We rose to the challenge

Euro Cargo Rail provides 250 shuttle services every year between Paris and Marseille for one of our main customers, which specialises in the sale of agricultural products.

We met the challenge and provided this service by coordinating the departure, on every evening of the week, of an 850-metre-long train from the Paris region to the delivery point in Marseille. On arrival, our customer's lorries are therefore able to collect the recently arrived goods at 6.30 a.m. every morning and make rapid deliveries in the surrounding area.

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