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Consumer goods

Optimised rail transport solutions for the consumer goods sector

At Euro Cargo Rail, we use our experience, our network, and our efficient operation to provide freight services for companies in the consumer goods sector.

Our solutions

Euro Cargo Rail offers rail transport services tailored to the consumer goods sector.

We are able to supply a fleet of wagons suited to the specific requirements of your products.

We are also able to take on the management of your wagon fleet.

Our transport plans are designed and developed around the requirements of your production facilities and logistics platforms.

We provide a door-to-door service.

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Why choose Euro Cargo Rail / DB Schenker Rail ?

We have the advantage of being part of a large group, DB Schenker, with its powerful network and its long-distance trains which allow us to offer Europe-wide solutions.

We know how to innovate and build new solutions with you, tailoring them to your specific requirements.

Our approach is to focus on rationalising production plans.

We are aware that the success of our operations depends on a joint commitment with our customer. It is by building a solution together that we attain optimal results. 

We rose to the challenge

In 2014, Euro Cargo Rail was able to assist a large French group which was looking to upgrade its logistics in order to better serve its consumer base.

The challenge was one of size: the logistics facility had to be upgraded in just eight months, whilst handling higher volumes.

We worked on the optimisation of the fleet and worked out an optimal transport plan. We helped our customer to make use of a logistics area that was in disuse and had to be re-opened.

This was a real challenge, with a time constraint, which we were able to rise to.

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