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Chemicals and petroleum products

A specialist in the rail transport of petroleum products and chemicals

In order to meet the challenges of transporting high volumes in the petroleum and chemical sectors, Euro Cargo Rail provides solutions which are tailored to your needs.

Our solutions

Our customers in the chemical and petroleum products sectors need to transport an average of 2,000 tonnes of goods every week. Rail freight is the most efficient solution for the transport of these large volumes.

ECR offers its customers full train load services, or individual wagons, in accordance with each customer's requirements. 

Enlarge imageECR-Train chimie, ECR

Why choose Euro Cargo Rail / DB Schenker Rail ?

  • The projects we have carried out for large petrochemical groups and chemical companies have given us experience, which in turn guarantees the reliability of our services.
  • ECR's safety advisers are specialists in the transport of hazardous goods. Our services are provided within the strictest of safety frameworks.
  • To choose Euro Cargo Rail is to make a choice for safety and effective risk management, as evidenced by our certificate SQAS. Numerous full-scale tests have been carried out, in the presence of emergency services, in order to understand how to manage all scenarios associated with the transport of hazardous goods.
  • Our rail freight logistics solutions are sustainable solutions which contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint.

We rose to the challenge

In 2014, to meet the needs of a large petrochemical group, which needed to transport its goods between Hungary and France, Euro Cargo Rail was able to put forward an effective solution, confirming its ability to provide an end-to-end service, with an international dimension, from France to Hungary, travelling through Germany and Austria.

Last modified: 22.07.2015

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