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Rail freight services for the cereals industry

Euro Cargo Rail offers rail haulage solutions which are tailored to the needs of the main operators in the cereals industry, meeting their logistics challenges.

Our solutions

Euro Cargo Rail organises complete trains for its customers, from order management to door-to-door transportation.

We already have access to 90 loading sites, in the Aubrais, Chartres, Saint Pierre des Corps and Le Mans zones, and we will soon have access to around 10 sites near Toulouse.

We operate on both the industrial and the export markets.

Our locomotives are capable of pulling trains weighing 3,600 tons, end-to-end, from branch line to branch line.

Enlarge imageECR-Train céréales, ECR

Why opt for Euro Cargo Rail / DB Schenker Rail?

  • Our solutions are competitive and economical.
  • We work closely with our customers to offer them tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs.
  • Euro Cargo Rail can organise the transportation of your goods beyond the French border (Belgium, Germany, Italy).

We rose to the challenge

Cereals is one of Euro Cargo Rail's historical markets, on which we have developed strong skills and know-how with numerous customers. We have adapted our offers to our customers and found the right solutions, thanks in particular to OFP Atlantique, in which we hold an interest with the ports of La Rochelle and Nantes. In 2014, ECR and OFP Atlantique transported 1.2 million tons of cereals.

Last modified: 22.07.2015

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