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Investment in training is our strength

The training that we offer at our training centre demonstrates our commitment to transferring rail industry knowledge and a strong company culture to our staff.

Euro Cargo Rail has its own dedicated, accredited training centre, which enables it train new staff in railway professions. The centre represents a key investment for the company, which firmly believes in supporting its staff throughout their careers.

In addition to the initial training, our centre also gives staff ongoing training. In an industry sector as specific as rail freight, it is important to be able to depend on our own training programme. In doing so, we can ensure the transfer our own valuable and rare expertise to our staff. This is a sure way to benefit from highly qualified personnel, who are trained in our strict safety procedures.

Train driver training

This paid training course takes place over 9 months, alternating between theory and practical instruction. It is a demanding course, which complies with the strictest regulatory standards.

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Last modified: 20.07.2015

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