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The environment

Sustainable development, one of the Group's fundamental values

Today more than ever, environmental issues need to be part of a company's priorities. Euro Cargo Rail assists its customers in managing this area, by reducing their carbon footprint.

The reduction in greenhouse gasses, which are responsible for global warming, is a major concern for Euro Cargo Rail and its customers. ECR's trains produce five times less carbon emissions per tonne and per kilometre than road transport, in addition to the fact that each train means 40 less lorries on the road.

Moving goods off the roads and onto rails contributes to reducing carbon emissions. To help our customers choose a low-carbon mode of transport, we offer them a service allowing them to compare the carbon emissions and electrical consumption of five different modes of transport: road, rail, river, sea, and air. To make the comparison, go to:

EcoTransIT World

At the heart of our environmental policy is our plan to increase the share of renewable energy that we consume to 35%, by 2020.

Last modified: 23.07.2015

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