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Wagon maintenance

Our wagon maintenance services

Euro Cargo Rail proposes preventive and curative maintenance services for all the wagons on the tracks in France.

Our mobile teams are ECM, function 4-certified (entity responsible for maintenance). They are located all over the country and available to maintain and repair all your wagons.

Two heavyweight operational vehicles are available for major operations, such as axle replacements.

Two lifting trailers are also available to lift derailed rolling stock.

We also operate two trailers equipped with brake testing systems that criss-cross the country, testing the brakes on wagons.
The safety of our personnel and our rail operations are obviously our top priority at all times.
The reactivity of our maintenance services means that Euro Cargo Rail sets the standard in the rail sector.

Maintenance Wagons ECR, ECR

Our services:

  • Maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Technical inspections
  • Supply and replacement of brake shoes
  • Complete brake tests (SIMEF and MTI)     
  • Superstructure repairs (tarpaulins, stanchions, drop sides, etc.)
  • Infrastructure repairs (suspensions, buffers, etc.)
  • Axle replacements
  • Lifting locomotives and wagons (empty or loaded)
  • Loading wagons and locomotives onto lorries 
  • Trans-shipment of goods

Maintenance Wagons ECR, ECR
Maintenance Wagons ECR, ECR

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