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Rail infrastructure diagnostics

Thorough diagnostics of tracks for optimal reliability of rail traffic

We can conduct a diagnostic of private tracks on the spot, and draw up a list of recommendations and necessary operations to guarantee the reliability of rail traffic.

In 2013, Euro Cargo Rail created a "railway tracks" entity.

ECR services new rail sites, some of which have not been used for several years. We can propose diagnostics services to the operators of terminal branch lines that will help them to determine the nature and the volume of the work required to reopen the sites and to guarantee the safety of rail transport.

When a particular problem is encountered on a site that is already in service, Euro Cargo Rail can also deliver its expert services on the spot to solve the problem in hand.

Finally, Euro Cargo Rail proposes a guide to the inspection of branch lines that will help the operators to keep their network in good working condition.

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Last modified: 23.07.2015

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