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Single wagons

Our single wagon services for small loads

To tailor our services to the needs of each company, we have developed a flexible single-wagon solution, ideal for transporting small volumes.

If you need to transport goods quickly, efficiently and economically by rail, but the volume is not large enough to fill a whole train, this service has been designed for you.

Under the brand Railnet France, ECR is one of the few freight operators in France to offer a single-wagon service to transport your goods.

With our extensive French network and its connections with a number of European countries, Railnet France offers a flexible solution which allows you to reserve the number of wagons that you need.

An extensive network

The Railnet service now covers a large part of France, including the Paris area, the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast, Lorraine and the Lyon region, offering regular services.

The strength of our network allows us:

  • to set up regular links between railports (logistics depots) and our customers' premises.
  • to be connected with DB Schenker Rail's European network of single wagons.

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Last modified: 23.07.2015

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