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Our safety services: the cornerstone of our operations

The daily haulage of goods across the entire continent requires the strictest and most effective safety policies. This requirement defines the framework for all assignments that Euro Cargo Rail undertakes.

Safety is a critical factor for us and we take pride in offering safe services, both on the rail network and at our customers' premises.

For this reason, our staff benefit from in-depth training on rail safety practices. They are all aware that adhering to security procedures is a duty and a priority.

Our safety advisers are trained and qualified to oversee Europe-wide operations on the entire network. Amongst their duties, they are tasked with verifying that all haulage of all goods is carried out in accordance with the regulations in force.

Where safety is concerned, the job is never done. For this reason, thanks to our expertise, we also offer our customers an advisory service on safety matters.

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Euro Cargo Rail has SQAS certification (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems) throughout France and for maintenance operations. This international certificate allows us in particular to ensure the transport of hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, infectious, etc.).

Euro Cargo Rail is also certified ISO 9000 for its training centre, a quality standard in terms of application procedures.

Please contact our dedicated safety teams for all matters relating to:

  • Quality, Hygiene, Safety, and the Environment
  • Rail safety
  • Our training centre 

Last modified: 20.07.2015

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