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Our network

A national network covering all border crossing points

A major player in rail freight needs to be able to depend on an extensive network, enabling it to deliver a high-quality service. This is one of the strengths that puts Euro Cargo Rail amongst the market leaders.

Our network is our strength. Spread across France, it enables us to reliably transport the goods that you entrust us with, over short distances as well as over several thousand kilometres.

We are also connected to neighbouring countries through the border crossing points, and to a total of 15 countries thanks to the DB Schenker Rail network.

To achieve this, ECR has integrated its different operations into one network, by:

  • developing cross-border operational concepts and services
  •  centrally managing transport at a European level
  • offering technical support throughout the entire territory

These initiatives demonstrate the high degree of integration between the different operations. And we are not stopping there. We are developing a bespoke IT system which, by 2020, should enable our customers to track all their shipments in real time, from door to door.

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Last modified: 20.07.2015

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