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Our people

Rail freight: a profession and a passion

At Euro Cargo Rail, success would not be possible without the strengths, abilities and the human qualities of the men and women who have built the company. After all, a company is first and foremost a human venture.

Our people, the success of Euro Cargo Rail

Euro Cargo Rail is a business based on development through people. In 10 years, ECR has gone from 5 employees to more than 1200. It is a venture that has been firmly based on respect for work and for human values.

Our maintenance agents and technicians, tasked with looking after wagons and locomotives, our groundstaff team members (AFR), our 600 versatile AFR train drivers and all our administrative employees, make us the company that we are today.

The development of our company is inseparable from the quality of our teams, their well-being and their ability to move forward together. 

Enlarge imageECR-Conducteur de train, ECR

Last modified: 20.07.2015

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